It’s hot, I’m tired, and a little worried about Saturday.  Other than that, I’m fine.  Do you know what FINE stands for?!?!??!  Freaked Out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional (courtesy of Italian Job).  Yup, I’m fine alright.  

This morning and part of the afternoon was spent cleaning out a four car garage behind the house we have recently purchased for renting out apartments.  it’s amazing what can build up in a few years.  I don’t even want to know what the contents of my two barns look like….with my parents being antique dealers for over thirty years, there’s more jun- *ahem* I mean “treasures” stacked up in there then I could ever imagine….and trust me, I have tried.  We came away with two truckloads for the dump and a small pile of more treasures to take home to our barns 🙂  I spent an hour “mowing” (hahhahahhahahahahaha!!) the front lawn…no wait, this is funny, really, because I was trying to do it with this “push-me-pull-you” mowers I found in the garage.  It was like wrestling a jack hammer to the ground, while doing absolutely nothing in regards to cutting the lawn and I have the blisters to prove it.  If you’ve never seen Eddie Izzard’s skit about these things, please stop depriving yourself of some serious gut pain.  If you have no idea who Eddie Izzard is…*shudders* I don’t think I could take the news.  He’s the greatest comedian known to man, hands down!!   

I don’t know how my parents did it back in the day, but I give them so much more credit for what their summer job choices must have entailed!  It all turned out okay though because I got great compensation (no, money would have been good, but oh well) – someone threw out over two hundred CD’s!  They are all really good ones too – Led Zeppelin, Rusted Root, Melissa Etheridge, the Beatles, all kinds of stuff!  Yup, so there goes the rest of my afternoon, when I’m not getting ready for tomorrow.  Well, I’m off to finish that load of laundry in the dryer and try to steal a bite of my sisters super-famous chocolate-toffee cheesecake…..hehehehehe yum.