After a perfectly uneventful Wednesday (or at least I think it was one because I can’t remember anything outstanding happening), my Thursday began.  It was a cold Thursday, cold enough in fact that I wore a three-quarter-sleeve shirt to work……yup, that cold 🙂  Anyways, today was special in a way because it was the last Thursday I will be working at EQX until I get back from vacation for a few weeks.  On one hand I am excited because I can’t wait to completely enjoy my lounging privileges while visiting family, but on the other hand I will dearly miss it!  I guess I didn’t realize how much I loved working there until I was leaving….that’s often the way it goes, isn’t it?  Just like the song says……

Well, I can’t say that the day was eventful even though it was the last one for a while.  I updated the website, did some alphabetizing and organizing, made some excel spreadsheets and then went home.  Oh, plus finding out that I have to be at Albany’s Pearl-Palooza at 9 am, which means I have to leave at seven……which means I am up at six *ugh*.  It’s going to be a twelve-hour day and I have no idea if it will even be good, but you know what?  It’s a great opportunity and I am still really excited 🙂  What’s not to love, you know besides the obvious things I just mentioned?  Three great bands, good food, a perfect day, plus it’s one more thing I can say I did at the end of the summer (which unfortunately is coming up a little too fast).  So what the hell – bring it on!

I spent most of the remaining afternoon buying textbooks for the fall (now I know where my summer cash went) and *ssshshshshhhssshhhhh* buying birthday presents for my sister!  She’s got a long list, but she’s definitely worth it!  By the way, if anyone knows where I can buy a 1960’s retro cradle telephone cheap, it would be much appreciated:) 

Hey, on a side note, I’m excited about something else that happened on Thursday – some of the photos I took of Rogue Wave on Tuesday are now on Jillian’s website via request from the general manager!  It’s kind of a big deal for me… pictures generally suck and now I can say that a few of them were good enough to be put on a website!   

I had another great surprise on Thursday!  I spent an hour on the phone with a friend that I haven’t heard from in ages.  She’s really the only friend I have (besides my sister!), so it was nice to start catching up again.  We don’t live that far away, and really there isn’t anything stopping us from getting in touch, but it’s just the type of people we are and why I think we get along so well – neither one of us likes people.  We can go without talking for 8 months and start right back up again.  Plus we both suck at staying in touch period – runs in the blood I think 🙂 

Thursday also marked the end of June.  I’m happy with the month as a whole, but I”m sorry it’s over.  It means summer is a few weeks shorter and school is that much closer.  But it means good things as well.  Summer is in full swing, my vacation is closer, and life is continuing just as it should. 

I’m excited about Saturday and also for fourth of July activities at our friends house.  They live on the lake so the fireworks should be awesome, plus good foods and friends make the experience worth while.  What great memories will be made on this Independence Day?