It’s summer means a lot of different things for different people – sun, beach-bums, outdoor activities, family vacations, you get the idea.  For my family, it means all of those things, plus something else that happens on the weekends – town-wide yard sales and book sales!!!  Castleton’s town-wide was this Saturday and my sister and I made a day out of it.  I can’t say it was the greatest turn out for people setting up, but it was just nice to get out and route through some other people’s junk 🙂  I didn’t find any treasures, but my sister found a few goodies – a water heater and a few mugs for making tea in her office, a puzzle for my aunt when we visit in a few weeks, and few other small things.  All in all, we spent a grand total of about $3 for a day of fun.  We came home, ate some lunch, and I washed my sheets and the dishes while my sister vacuumed – things we had been meaning to do for a while, but of course kept putting off. 

My dad, who had been working the B shift at the college (7 AM to 3 PM), grilled some pork chops and we made mashed potatoes for dinner.  After our movie success (ha!) last night, we decided to steer clear and watched some NCIS on TV.  I had kind of fallen out of touch with the show for a few years, but now I want to see every episode.  At 9 the new Doctor Who was on – another show we all enjoy watching together.  If you haven’t kept up with the series or wish to keep your untainted ears clean of spoilers, stop reading now.
It’s fun because its something my father grew up watching as a kid and still likes to watch, while we grew up watching some of the later “Doctor Who” versions, but loving it just as much.  I have to say, I got really attached to David Tennant, so I wasn’t too big a fan of the new guy, but I like his companion a lot (*spoiler* even though they did kill Rory off….I really liked him…..*sigh* British TV shows always go too far….look at what they did with Primeval!). 
The latest episodes dealt with a trip back in time to meet Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter.  This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the new season for a few reasons.  One, I liked the double meanings and implied symbology of the subject.  The idea of using the common monsters of Doctor Who as representations of the demons we all have inside us was brilliant.  The actor portraying Van Gogh really did a great job of showing how sometimes our own demons get the best of us and can be far more dangerous than anything in ‘real’ life.  We struggle with our own insecurities and inner devils while trying to find a place outside ourselves where we can feel like we belong to something greater.  At times (and often with those that have the most potential), we don’t succeed, but instead remain alone and rejected.  Another implied symbolism that was used was with the time traveling itself.  They brought Van Gogh into the future to see his own exhibit, where the art historian described him as the greatest artist to have ever lived.  Van Gogh is in tears of joy as they bring him back to his own time, with his own words of happiness and coming success on his lips when the Doctor and Amy leave.  Amy believes that because he knew how much he would be loved in the future, he would be able to push past his own demons and would not take his own life.  Unfortunately, their meddling did not change the outcome of his life, but rather influenced his style through a few select paintings. 
The moral?  Some demons just can’t be overcome, no matter what the future may bring.  It’s a bit depressing, but on the other hand, I enjoy the refreshing morals and the fact that they did in fact bring something great into a life that Van Gogh deemed a confine or prison of his own depression.  Van Gogh was another great artist who was thought to be crazy and worthless at the time, only to be revered long after his death.  Doctor Who presented a passionate understanding of how Van Gogh’s way of seeing nature opened our eyes to the beautiful wonders of the world around us.  Others have put it much more succinctly than myself, but I enjoy trying my hand at understanding the mysterious Doctor 😉 
Secondly, this episode rocked because of the music.  Athlete is now one of my favorite bands (this week 😉 ) because they used their newest single during Van Gogh’s trip to the future.  It fit perfectly in the atmosphere of Van Gogh’s immense joy at seeing his successful future, as well as the sadness of how that future just wasn’t enough to change the state of Van Gogh’s depression.  It’s a great song and I love that they used it on Doctor Who – I hope you like it too!  I highly recommend checking out some of their other songs, such as Black Swan Song, if you have the time.  Thanks for reading! 
“Chances” by Athlete: