Friday was move day for a lot of people apparently, which meant 80 degree heat while waiting in a queue for the stairs to become available while holding a TV set.  On the other hand, it was raining cats and dogs, so what better day to move? 

A friend of mine was moving out of his little apartment in little ol’ Poultney and moving up in the world (both literally and figuratively) to the world of Ludlow where he could be closer to his work.  Ludlow is an awesome town – it’s a bit of a resort town because it is the home of Okemo mountain, but it’s not too much of a resort destination to make the locals go crazy with the prospect of easy-earned cash.  It’s definitely not as desolate as Poultney (sorry, but it’s true) and yet it isn’t over the top. 

His new apartment was located in an old hotel that was renovated for time share opportunities – and let me tell you, this place would please even the most seasoned time share family!  With its own kitchen, deck overlooking the river, fireplace, full bedroom and bath, and being fully furnished and stocked, this apartment was one of the nicest ones I have ever seen!  After we finally got everything unloaded from both our vehicles and into the apartment, we stopped for food.  It was a nice walk downtown and we decided to stop and eat at The Pot Belly Pub & Restaurant.  They serve some pretty great food with local enhancements – they make their own root beer, a Vermont burger with Angus beef, quite a few dishes involving local maple syrup, and more.  It was a delicious lunch after a long day of hard work! 

The drive back to Poultney from Ludlow is one of the most beautiful and easy drives!  I arrived back home wishing it had lasted a bit longer, but it was good to be back in time for dinner and a movie.  We are still working our way through my dad’s birthday DVD’s, so we decided to stick in one we hadn’t seen yet – ala Knowing

In retrospect…….I think we are going to see if they’ll buy it back from us.  That movie was wacked.  It was not what we were expecting, which sometimes can be a good thing, but this time…..I don’t know.  It was interesting in a way, but also pretty depressing and definitely isn’t going on our “favorites” shelf.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my Friday in a nut shell.

New Home!

A little river view from your deck?


Welcome home Brian!