Thursday was mostly an up.  I arrived at EQX to work and Jason immediately pushed a copy of Stephenie Myer’s newest adult novel, The Host, into my hands because they had receive about fifty more copies than they had originally wanted. 

On the other hand, it was sort of a down day because they didn’t have that much for me to do.  So I set about creating an excel spreadsheet for one of their promotional events – “show us your green and we’ll give you our green” campaign.  By having local and Capital District area businesses that are either trying to go “green” or have “green” in the title of their business as sponsors, they could receive publicity and all expense paid trips from EQX!  In addition, I put together a “dirt” list of everything to do with the band Rogue Wave as EQX  will be at Jillian’s this Tuesday to interview them and do a live show!   EQX will be broadcasting live from 3 to 6 and the band starts playing at 5:30, so come give us a shout out!.  I’m a little nervous because Jason said he might put me on the air, but I am also really excited!!  

I didn’t get too far on all of my excel lists today at EQX because – yup, here it comes – the computer had a heart attack and went completely hay-wire.  A virus got onto the system that I was using, which also happens to be the computer that keeps track of our live streaming feeds….so its breaking down wasn’t such a good thing.  They were still trying to fix it when Amber told me I could go home.  It was a little aggravating to leave on such a strenuous note., but either way, I am siked about going to Jillian’s on Tuesday to meet a great band, visit Albany for the first time, maybe go on air live, and get to hang out in one of the areas hottest nightclubs!  It’s going to be an awesome experience – and this time, I’ll definitely be charging extra batteries 😉

Song of the day:   Song Away by Hockey:

Tomorrow’s just a song away, so why not sing our troubles into an oblivion?  Yup, another great song about love lost and love won.  The music video is great, and though I am a little confused about the lyrics, I still love them.  Simple as that – it’s an awesome song.

One more happy thought – I got a really pleasant surprise today.  My new bike came 4 days early and it. is. awesome!!!  I am so excited, I can’t wait to take it for a spin tomorrow.  Off to watch more NCIS before bed, then I’m going to help a friend move out of his apartment here in Poultney to his new and awesome apartment in Ludlow!  It’s been one hell of a week and it’s not over yet!  Tomorrow’s just a world away….