It’s been a regular Wiiiinnndddssday here on the Miller farm.  I have pretty much deemed my Wednesday’s “Veg Day” (ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaa!!!), unless otherwise subjected to different circumstances……aka, something exciting actually takes place in there of my soon-to-be tradition of plopping on the couch to watch re-runs of NCIS (it’s Dear Abby week, people!!! Gotta love that goth-is-golden girl!!).  *sigh*, alas, no such wonders occurred yesterday, but I was content with sleeping extremely late, zoning out with the remote, playing with our chicks, and of course eating way more than I should have.  All in all, a perfectly uneventful day, wouldn’t you say?

On a funny and totally unrelated side-note, a while back I noticed that someone stole the stop sign at the end of our road, and was finally replaced yesterday, so that’s nice.  Eh, on a dead-end road in Poultney on a Wednesday, that’s interesting stuff folks. 

Song of the day:  Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root

Yes, I know, I’m doing a lot of these this week, but its been one of those kinds of weeks.  Too little of my own inspiration becomes subject to someone elses. Plus, music is a great anti-depressent…..or depressent, depending upon the chosen genre 🙂  In my opinion, music fits each and every mood humanly imaginable, matching a feeling with a beat, a unvoicable emotion with a tune.  There are those rainy day songs, those get-up-and-dance motivators, ‘lost in my own little world of depression’ mood-suckers, and even stuff that just plain makes you laugh.  As you will read in my next post, the up’s and down’s of life fit perfectly into each and every week, but thankfully, they all have a song to boot.   

Today’s special is a little something I think we’ve practically all heard before – every four-year old in America has probably heard it now-a-days.  That’s because its been used in Ice Age, Shrek, and a bunch of other Pixar/Disney classics.  But it’s more than that for which I love it – here come those happy day feelings again…… 

For example, this song provokes the a-typical ‘joy-riding with my head out the sunroof on a sunny day’ feeling with perhaps a dash of  ‘hiking through a meadow with a smile on my face.’  Maybe it’s just me – different people, different emotions, different songs.  What do you think?  My happiest memories were often spent in a car, thousands of miles from home in a cramped SUV for 12 hours, so a song like this makes me want to jump in a car and take off and travel the great 48’s – but hey, we all have different triggers 😉

Rusted Root is an awesome band and if you are in the area on July 3rd, Albany is hosting its first big music festival called Pearl-Palooza on Pearl Street with Rusted Root as its starring band.  We Are Scientists, Locksley, and Civil Twilight will be there as well, plus a ton of street bands all day!  It’s from 12 to 6 and for all ages – check out more information here.  I’ll be there with EQX, so stop by and say hi!!  Off to tomorrow, where it’s just another world away…