Ever seen a chick score a touchdown?  Crazy, right? 

Required:  Multiple chicks, 1 leaf or twig, plus room to run. 

Step 1: give leaf to single chick and let loose.  Step 2: Have camera ready and laugh your butt off. 

Chicks love to play and are full of energy, so throwing a twig or leaf into their pen is like Christmas.  One chick will take off with it and start running around in circles while all the other chicks try to get it for themselves.  It is really quite funny to watch and is how I spent part of my Monday – it’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest, am I right?

Another good portion of my day was spent relaxing on the porch and attempting to accomplish a few things on my

Calvin and Hobbes teach us about the joy of drawing

summer to-do list.  One of those things was to finish some sketches I had started a while back in this scrap-book I am trying to put together.  I suck at art (unfortunately, eight years of 4-H just couldn’t correct my gene faults) and especially drawing, so when I sit down with paper and pencil, it’s usually trying to copy a picture that I like.  This in itself is an extreme effort for me, but I enjoy it because drawing is one of those single-train-of-thought tasks that begs all of your attention, while at the same time not asking for all that much.  I can just let everything else go as I set out to accomplish just one thing for the pure enjoyment of it.  I finished one sketch and made a few advancements on another before giving in to my nerves and putting it down. 

Next, I tried to accomplish something else that was on my list – writing!  I L-O-V-E to write. It’s the second best thing to reading in my book (no pun intended) and I try to write any chance I get.  I have a great imagination and love to utilize it whenever I can.  Unfortunately, I often have trouble putting into words what goes on in my head and it never comes out as well as I would like…..but I guess that’s something that plagues all writers, isn’t it?  Either way, I set out to write something, anything really just to write for the sake of putting pen to paper.  There’s a story that’s been brewing in my head for about a year now and I’ve been mostly working out the bugs in my head (when I had the spare time to let it wonder off by itself), but I still hadn’t really worked out a beginning.  For me, beginnings are always the toughest because they speak not only of origins and characters, but of how the entire story will develop. 

So, I decided to try to tackle it as best as I could and I got about four pages of meaningless gibberish.  On the other hand, it did help me work out a few more aspects of my tale that I had been floundering with and as always, it was like meeting an old friend to have my hand cramp up from scribbling too fast.  Those are the moments I love best about summer – when I am free to express all the joys of living through things that can only be done when time and peace of mind are on your side. 

Everything I learned, I learned from Calvin....