Unfortunately, a good friend of ours was on the road this Father’s Day – his mother is not doing so well and hasn’t been for quite some time, so he and his family went to Rhode Island on Father’s Day to see her one last time.  They helped her get comfortable back at home and are now just trying to make the best of it.  Talk about a sucky Father’s Day present…..our prayers are with him and his family and we feel bad because that’s about all we can do.  Life tends to have a sick sense of humor sometimes. 

There is this cartoon TV show called The Penguins of Madagascar…..yes, I know I am taking an analogy towards life from a kids cartoon, but sometimes the simplest acts of inspiration are the most potent.  In one episode in particular, one penguin is having some particularly bad luck and is told that the universe is watching over him…..that is, until he gets run over.  Then, one of the other penguins states that “perhaps the universe blinked.” 

I love these flightless birds 😉

That’s my position on a lot of the bad things that happen in life.  Life is a mess and sometimes the universe takes a holiday.

For my own dad’s Father Day celebration, things went a lot better.  We had purchased him a bunch of movies to watch, including the latest Harry Potter movie, Taken (a movie we saw in the theater and loved), Mission Impossible III (which he loves), and Knowing with Nicholas Cage, which we haven’t seen yet, but sounds good. 

We spent the day playing Scrabble, grilling sausages for lunch, watching movies, and eating Egg Foo Young together.  We also watched some more episodes of NCIS, including one from this season.  I truly love that show!  The only shadow we had during this Father’s Day was the knowledge that someone else was not having the same pleasant day as us.  To that end, I hope that most of you had a good Father’s Day. 

On another note, I made a dent in my family’s pride at holding birthday secrets.  I am not usually the type of person to pull out all the stops and turn into a nutcase to find out what my family has gotten me for my birthday or other holidays.  Unfortunately, I asked a few too many questions about trying to re-do a bike I bought at a yard sale and caused my dad to spill the beans – I’m getting a bike as an early birthday present for when we visit my family at the beach the second week of July!! It’s an old-style cruiser bike which is perfect for the beach – I am sooooo excited!  It’s supposed to arrive by the 28th of this month, but now that I know it’s coming, I’m having trouble being patient 🙂  This is going to be an awesome summer – and it’s already been awesome!!