Yes, Saturday may seem like a bit of a repeat – but here’s the thing: when you’ve got something good going, why not do it again?  So, my sister and I played with the baby Guinea Hens in the morning and spent most of the afternoon reading at the dock on our pond and sun tanning on one of the most beautiful days we’ve had so far.  

My dad did some gardening and enjoyed some of the sun with us before heading off to work. My sister and I went back to the porch to relax with a game of Scrabble and some dinner.  We’re not much of a board game family and it doesn’t happen often, but we all enjoy playing Scrabble because….well, partly it’s because we all suck at it and the other half is that because we suck at it we get pretty wacky.  My sister and spelling don’t really mix, so she often tries to get her points through words that no dictionary would recognize.  Myself and my dad are pretty good, so we enjoy driving her nuts with words that get us 28 points.  On the other hand, we all get so frustrated when we end up with 3 V’s and a Q and Z, so we start getting punchy at that point 🙂

 After our fabulous game of merciful hilarity, we checked up on the chicks again and spent the rest of the evening laid up on the couch watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and episodes of NCIS with a sunburn to beat all sunburns. 

Yup, all in all, a rather awesome Saturday.  We also have some pretty great plans for Father’s Day tomorrow and since it’s supposed to be so nice out, I can’t wait!