Friday has been “B-E-A-Utiful” as Bruce Almighty would say and I was not going to waste one minute of it….and I don’t believe I did.  The morning started off with some new arrivals….baby chicks that is:)  We purchased meat birds to raise and slaughter for our own consumption some time ago, but they are really quite nasty and disgusting after a few days. 

Our new family members!

Today however, we received our much awaited Guinea Hens.  Guinea Hens are loud, free range, and have to be trained at an early age if they are to make good farm pets.  However, the advantages of these little birds are awesome.  Not only are they cute and easily trainable, tics and other potentially harmful bugs are there favorite snacks.  

Now, although these are great reasons to have them around, they aren’t the reasons for which we bought them.  *Ahem* these Guinea Hens are a present to my sister who is *sigh* deathly afraid of snakes.  Living on a dead-end road on a farm means that there are plenty of garter snakes…..enough to keep my sister permanently glued to the inside of the house for the entire summer….unless, that is, a solution can be found – hence, Guinea Hens.  Guinea Hens are known to eat garter snakes from time to time, or at  least keep them at bay, which is exactly why we now have 15 brand new Guinea Hen chicks in our barn.  We spent most of the morning in the pen petting and holding the cute things.  Have you ever had a chick fall asleep in your hand?  It’s really easy and almost hypnotic for them.  You simply pick up a chick and begin slowly stroking its back.  Within minutes, it will be fast asleep in your hand and can stay there for hours if it’s brothers and sisters don’t get too testy. 

Next, we played a little of our version of tennis.  Because we don’t really have room to play real tennis on our road, we improvise.  Two tennis rackets and a badminton birdy usually keeps us occupied – until our arms practically fall off and we get utterly overheated, which unfortunately doesn’t take us long.  

Next, Dorset was having its annual book sale and if there is one thing we cannot resist, it’s a good book sale.  Dorset being the hub of retired rich people, the books weren’t as cheap as we would have liked them to be, but we still came away with a few good ones that we can’t wait to start.  It was a beautiful drive anyhow and it got us out of the house. 

For our final splendid event of the day, we headed to the pond for a little tanning and relaxation.  Years ago we dug

The Miller pond!

ourselves a huge pond in the backyard.  It’s freezing all year round and almost impossible to swim in unless you are really desperate or have no feeling whatsoever.  However, we have a floating dock tied up that is quite enjoyable toIsn't he cute? hang out on with a good book.  We dunked our feet in (we’re lucky they aren’t blue) and took pictures of the frogs and fish that inhabit our little escape. 


Song of the day:  “Father of Mine” by Everclear

I know I had a “song of the day” for yesterday’s post, but this song was a very close second and I thought I would share it anyways. 

Father of Mine describes the story of a son whose father leaves and does not come back into his life.  Although I am sure there are many songs like this out there, I really like how it’s done.  The lyrics reflect a the painful memories and hope of someone who misses their father being in their life, but I like that it progresses to the point where the lead vocalist says that now he has a family he wouldn’t wish them to know the same pain that his father caused for him.  Nothing real special in this, but something about it caught my ear, so I hope you enjoy it too!  By the way, if you like the songs I’ve been choosing, they are all taken from the EQX playlist and can be found at their website or through my YouTube EQX playlist!  As always, thanks for reading!