No, I didn’t actually hit anything on Thursday, which is a good thing, but it was another day at EQX.  I am improving on my website skills and loving it, along with learning some new techniques and technologies in the radio business.  I’m currently working on “liners” for on air spots, which I guess I will be trying my hand at soon *gulp*.  My commercial has aired, although I still haven’t heard it yet…..that’s probably a good thing.  I even have neighbors of mine listening to the station now just to hear a thirty-second clip of me making an idiot out of myself….it’s expected in a small town like Poultney. 

Anyways, I got home from my rather uneventful but fulfilling Thursday turn at EQX and spent the rest of the day vegging and enjoying some down time with my sister.  Half of me is screaming in agony over the fact that I haven’t been able to get my butt out of the couch for the past two weeks and how it’s not fair that I am blaming it solely on the bad weather.  Another side of me however (I’ll make it clear right now that I have many….just in case you get confused, I know I do) is completely content with spending my summer lounging around on my days off, even if there are many other wonderful things I could be doing.  Alas, I still haven’t figured out which side won, but I’m routing for the athletic-will-powered monkey brain who has no idea what she’s in for….can I choose sides when it’s my own conscious that’s having the battle?  Well, either way, it’s my split personalities that I’m stuck with, so who cares 🙂

Now, I was on my way to bed at say, 11 p.m, when the phone rings – never a good sign.  Well, dad being dad, he ran out of gas on his way home from work (he works from 3 p.m to 11 p.m at the college I go to as a security officer….gotta love the perks like free education).  So, I got out of my PJ’s and back into my work clothes, found a tank of gasoline and a funnel in the barn, loaded it into the truck, and took off to find where my dad had inevitably broken down.  I finally tracked him down and helped him get enough gas into his truck for him to drive home and for me to go back to bed.  Excitement is my middle name….well, not really, but sometimes I feel as though it should be…..not exactly the greatest kinds of excitement happen maybe, but there are varying degrees of the stuff and I can’t say that my 18 years has been dull.  On that note, let Friday come at me with its best shot…..but please be gentle. 

Song of the day:  “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys

First and foremost I picked this song for today because of the music video.  It’s great because it’s ingenious and funny, as the young boys lip syncing to the song and acting like adults is cute, but it also says a few other things about our society and the total disfunctionality of the ever elusive “perfect” relationship that manages to weave its way into our lives at such a young age.  The video and lyrics speak about how hard it is to find love without great pain, but how it’s going to happen anyways.  The kids on the playground (and for that matter the grown-ups) testify to the fact that heartbreak and love triangles start early – wicked early.  Why do we become subjected to such hard life-lessons before we have even begun to understand what “bills” are?  Who knows, but it’s a painful learning experience and I think this song and video do a good job of showing it’s very real effects.