Tuesday I took the day off from working at EQX to go to one of our good friends wedding.  They have been together for seven years and all of us were so proud to see them tie the knot!  It was a small wedding of just a few friends and family members and was incredibly tasteful. 

Of course, being from the Miller family, we got the start time of the ceremony wrong and missed the actual wedding, only to make it for the breakfast banquet and apologize profusely.  We were so embarrassed, but we were told it only lasted four minutes and that made us feel slightly better….kind of. 

Anyway, the breakfast was pretty great, even though it was a vegan/vegetarian menu (being a GMC student, I’m used to it).  I knew most of the guests because they either work with Tammy in the library at GMC (which is my second home 8 months out of the year…seriously) or they were once students.  It was nice to see old and new faces, all in the same room together. 

Tammy and Lauren looked so happy and all of us were very proud of them.  The cake was beautiful and absolutely delicious!  It was a wonderful wedding and I wish the both of them the happiest of years to come!  Congrats to two very special people!!  Love you both!!

The wedding of Tamara and Lauren Bender (second and third person from right)!