Yes, Monday June 14th was my dad’s birthday.  Usually, we buy him a few DVD’s and just hang out together for the day.  This year, we tried to do something a little different.  We did start it off about the same, as we purchased two

The Latest Star Trek addition!

 DVD’s for him- Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes.  We are all Trekki fans and watch a lot of the old re-runs together, but we were prepared to be disappointed when the new one came out.  I wasn’t even going to see it in theatres when it was released, but a good friend dragged me along.  I then went back and saw it three more times in theatres – it was that good!  My sister and my father saw it about an equal amount of times while it was out and

The Newest Sherlock Holmes!

we were finally able to purchase the DVD for his birthday.  Sherlock Holmes is another classic that we all enjoy watching together and again we were all prepared to be unhappy with the latest take on an old favorite – and again, we were surprised.  The plot had me guessing until the very end, the actors portraying Holmes and Watson were actually quite likable, and I am really hoping there will be another one.   

Next, we rented out the Tiny Theater in Poultney Vermont.  It’s the smallest movie theater in the state and it’s a ton of fun!  We invited a few friends, brought along some pizza from the Greek House of Pizza in Fair Haven, and watched Star Trek on the big screen….again:)  It was fun because with the theater being in Poultney, most people know my father and wanted to make his birthday the best it could be.  A friend brought him a homemade cake, the owner of the Tiny Theater made sure he had party hats, plenty of refreshments, and a few other friends bought him the best present he could have asked for – lots of beer.  All in all, it was a delightful evening of fun, friends, and fantastic film viewing in our own private theater.  It’s a great experience that is highly recommended – so if you are ever in Poultney and need an idea for an evening with friends (which often happens if you stay in Poultney….as the shirt says “what happens in Poultney, stays in Poultney, but nothing ever happens in Poultney”), check out the Tiny Theater. 

Come to the Tiny Theater in Poultney! My dad's best friend and I were the only ones that really enjoyed the spaceship party hats...


My dad's best friend and I were the only ones that really enjoyed the spaceship party hats...