Well, Wednesday mostly comprised of laying stone at the work site, which is tedious and wreaks havoc on my knees, but hey, something’s gotta pay for gas!  Thursday however was another day entirely.  Thursday was another day interning at EQX which is one of those places where you will never get bored with doing the same thing because it doesn’t happen very often. 

I think I’m starting to get the hang of things and am even getting to do some of it on my own.  It’s challenging and a bit scary sometimes being outside of my normal, very narrow comfort zone, but that’s what makes it interesting and a great learning experience! 

Season Finale of Glee

I know it’s Friday now (I’ll have a post for the day by tonight or tomorrow morning), but I only just finished watching the Glee season finale.

Yes, I’m a gleek – I really don’t follow any other shows (besides Bones of course…..bastards), but for some reason, I really love Glee.  I think it’s because instead of being just about the kids or just singing, it’s a good mix of both, plus the music they use is awesome.  I am a huge 80’s and 90’s fan, so it kind of fits my style.  Also, they haven’t completely ruined the show by now, which is what all the others

Bones to the Rescue!

 do.  There are no cliff-hangers or scandalous stories, just some uplifting journey’s from the perspective of outcasts.  The season finale righted most of the wrongs (no spoilers here!), had a few surprising twists, and did it all to Journey and Queen songs, which by my standards, is the coolest thing about it. 

Go ahead, call me a gleek, but I’m hooked and I can’t wait until next season!