Wow, what a busy Tuesday!  Another awesome day spent at EQX.  Today was great – I even got to record a commercial!  So yes, if you hear a terribly boring and awfully scripted ad for R.K Miles while tuned to 102.7 FM…..that’s me!  I sound just great……but hey, it was my first time!  I’m really hoping I will get an opportunity to try it again in the future and fingers crossed I’ll get a little better.  That’s one of the awesome things about interning at EQX – if you have the enthusiasm, they’ll dish out as much learning experiences as you can handle!  I’ve done everything from updating the website and attending a concert to learning how to use the professional recording software programs in the production studio and finding drops to be added to the retro-lunch hour!  I feel like I am starting to get the hang of working at EQX.  I am a hungry mind – I will never stop looking for opportunities to learn and EQX seems like a place where those kinds of experiences are endless.  Yay for Thursday!! 

Song of the day:  “Junebug” by Robert Francis

Yes, right now it’s a bit of a chic song, but hey I love it and I don’t really care.  I think Robert Francis’ voice is amazing and I love the way the song progresses – the lyrics aren’t too bad either.  I say chic song because it’s the ‘typical boy meets girl, girl has boyfriend who is a jerk, girl starts to like boy, boy stands up against and gets beaten up by jerk boyfriend, girl and boy ride off together on his motorcycle.’  The lyrics tell a little of a different story if I am correct, as for a novice such as myself I have a hard time discerning exactly what they mean, but they are beautiful none the less.  I think it’s less of a happy ending with the lyrics, as “I remember everything” keeps repeating and “you were beautiful then” seems to imply a love thats changed.  Also, he sings “you’re just a coke jaw now” a term used to describe long term cocaine addicts.  On the other hand, the other words reflect a nice testament to someone standing up against a woman being used by the men around her, which is always welcome in my book.  Even if I have no idea what I am talking about (which I probably don’t), I really enjoy this song and the music video so give it a listen (plus I like that he’s singing in a hay barn – the farmer in me is hard to ignore:D)!