Representing WEQX at SPAC on Sunday was thrilling yet exhausting.  I left at 3:30 in the afternoon and didn’t get home until around one in the morning, thoroughly spent, but with a well-earned smile on my face.   

We began setting up the tent, table, posters/banners, flyers, boom-box playing EQX, and registration box for people to enter to win Phish tickets.  We had thought we were pretty prepared for the event (yeah, weren’t we nuts), but the one thing we hadn’t planned on was tornado winds and rain. 

I kept thinking the whole day that it was just my luck to already be nervous about getting there safely and making it through the evening without panicking and then to find out that three tornado’s were heading in the same direction.  Luckily, the rain held off and we were able to attain some sand bags after a while to make sure that our tent didn’t blow away on us, but everything else was taped down the best we could (thank God for duck tape!).  I don’t know what we would have done without that blessed roll of tape or a heft boom-box to hold down the front of the tent until reinforcements were brought!  When all was said and done, we were completely set up by 5:30 and remained there until about 8:30 when the last of the opening acts were over (The Whigs and Doors were performing from what I heard….which unfortunately wasn’t much).

I have to say that representing EQX at the tent was probably the best part of the evening, even though I got to see Kings of Leon!  What made it so great was meeting all the people/listeners who truly supported EQX.  Every one who stopped by was thrilled we were there and couldn’t resist telling us stories about how they had come to listen to

Me at our EQX tent!

 EQX or why they loved it so much.  One woman told us she had been listening for 24 years and had just gotten rid of her old car of 12 years and was dying to get an EQX bumper sticker to put on her new one (thanks, you totally rocked!).  It was people like these that really made the evening and for that reason alone I am finding that I love what EQX represents more and more – a growing and changing community of music enthusiasts who were not satisfied with the same old tunes and bands. 

After we had taken down all of our equipment we were escorted through SPAC entrance.  Having never been to a concert before, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I didn’t have to buy tickets to see a great and well-known band and was a little starstruck by the sheer number of people there.  In addition, I had never been to SPAC either, so I was also a little overwhelmed by the size and beauty of the actual park and concert stage.  We explored a little of the grounds as best we could with the crowd and tried to find a good place to stand and see. 

There were so many people – because we didn’t really have tickets, even the lawn ticket owners had a better view….which wasn’t much (I hate to say it, but thank God there were big screens).  Even so, it was still a great experience just to be there.  I bought a t-shirt for memories and tried to take pictures ( I was at 48 zoom and I’m still not sure anyone could tell who it was that was performing). 

On a side note, I guess I never realized how much drinking and smoking was involved in these events – I mean, I realize a little beer makes the whole evening a little better, if not more foggy, but come one people – I don’t think there was one sober person in the whole park.  Plus, the amount of smoke that had formed around the stage by the end of the night could probably have punched a whole in the o-zone layer.  On one hand it was a little scary trying to enjoy a concert while being on the look-out for drunk concert goers crashing into you or worse, (mentally impared being a huge factor) trying to hit on you worth a pick up line that would have made “you’re wearing blue and I’m wearing blue – it can’t be a coincidence!” look like a dream date.  On the other hand, it was hilarious to watch.  Drunk people are fun, but drunk people at a concert who are already probably high on something else is hysterical.  I watched one guy leaving the event try to convince three girls that Canadian bacon is really just ham…….yeah, and you thought your pick-up lines were bad?  I think he will wake up realizing he hit a new low….if he remembers it at all.       

I was actually tempted to go home early and beat the crowd because there wasn’t much to see from the back – that is until I got the greatest gift of the evening – the gift only a perfect stranger could give.  I was given a second row ticket that literally made me deaf for about half an hour after the show.  I was so close to the stage that the speakers made all the hairs on my body stand on end and I was mere feet, NOT miles, from Kings of Leon!    I couldn’t believe it!  It felt like a dream.  KOL were awesome – “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire” brought everyone to their feet.  It gave me goosebumps to turn around and look back at the hundreds of people on their feet dancing and shouting out the lyrics at the top of their lungs.   

Unfortunately, my camera batteries had died some time before than (I will curse the day I decided I would not need any more batteries charged ’til the day I die!), but it didn’t matter because it is an experience I will never forget. 

I wish I could thank that person for giving me such an amazing opportunity – if you ever find yourself reading this, thank you so much for giving me the experience of a lifetime, one I will cherish forever.  You don’t know how much you made my evening and I am further reminded that I have been touched by the kindness of strangers more times than I can count in my life and I will always remember how blessed I am!  All in all, it was an eventful evening, one I won’t soon forget and I have EQX to thank for giving me such an amazing opportunity!  I love my job!

Kings of Leon (the quality sucks for a reason, but I apologize anyways)


I know its fuzzy, but it's still awesome!