Yes, Friday – that perfect day in which we are all reminded that a little down time is not that far away.  Unfortunately, if you are like me, my weekends end up being just as busy (if not even more so) then my weekdays.  But for now, it’s all about Friday.  An amazing thing happens when you know you are only one day away from the weekend – the day

I feel like this almost every Friday.....*sigh*

 seems a little brighter, difficulties at work seem a little less difficult, and the drive to and from work is a bit more bearable. 

Today was no exception.  I left for work at EQX feeling ready to take on just about anything…..which was good because I was elected to contacted the eighteen ticket winners by phone…..have I mentioned I don’t like talking on the phone?  I know, not exactly a great attribute as a communications major, but there are some modes of communication that leave my tongue twisted beyond repair.  Think about it – being phonaphobic isn’t just about not wanting to talk to people.  We are creatures of emotion, intellect, and psychological conduct.  When we try to engage in communication across wires and speakers, it disrupts a key element to conversation – loosing that face-to-face connection also severs our ability to judge another’s emotions, reactions, and thoughts.  So maybe my phobia is justified on a small level of human rules of interaction……but then again, it might just be me. 

Besides making some people very happy about their upcoming weekend, I concentrated on some more computer laborious tasks before heading home to start my evening.  I’m not much of a social nut and my typical Friday nights are less than interesting, but this evening was better than most.  I had a wonderful home cooked dinner with a friend, watched the season finale of Stargate Universe (of which I have never seen an episode of and had no idea what was going on – this is not to say that I am not a Stargate fan, as I am the proud owner of the complete collectors addition of SG-I and love Stargate Atlantis, but Stargate Universe is a bit too…..dramatic?).  Upon arriving back at my comfy abode, I managed to get sucked into the original “20,000 leagues under the sea,” only to realize it went ’til one in the morning and I was too exhausted to follow along. 

By and by, an altogether satisfying Friday.  Who’s up for Saturday!?!?