Today marked two weeks into my internship at WEQX!  The day went really well too, which is always nice, right?  😉  I met the other intern who will be helping at the Kings of Leon concert this Sunday and we both got an idea of what to expect and have our cars packed with everything we will need for the event!  I can’t wait now – the only thing I am worried about is getting there in one piece.  It doesn’t matter though, because I had a great day – I feel like I actually accomplish things at this internship (don’t you love that feeling?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t come around often enough) and I got four free CD’s to help lead me into my weekend.  What more could I have asked for? 

Song of the day:  “Give up the gun” by Vampire Weekend

Although the music video doesn’t make the most sense, I believe that this song is about never giving up and what happens to you when you do.  I could be completely off, and maybe I am.  However, I like to use my own perspective and just see what the song seems to be saying. 

“Giving up your gun” feels a little like someone giving up hope – all the ups and downs, past experiences and present dangers of what happens to us when we try to stand still in a fast-moving world.  Towards the beginning, the song seems to reflect the very essence of our youth – a time when we thought we knew everything and that nothing could stop us.  As the song progresses, so does the story. We are all struggling in our chosen paths, but what is most regrettable is when we decide that looking back to the past is somehow better.  Yes, we all get tired, and believe me I’m not any more likely to find the key of living a good life then the next person, but I have learned enough in my short time on this planet to know that nothing good comes from “giving up the gun.”