Spring cleaning – the ever dreaded (and often delayed, as this one is) day of utter house upheaval.  We all do it, none of us enjoy it, and somehow it always (quite miraculously I’d say) gets done.  Today is no exception and as I type this, there is still things that need doing, but i content myself with a break from all the dusting, vacuuming, rearranging……

One the areas of my house that I have dreaded to let my eyes linger on is our family bookcase….well, what you can see of it.  Reading is something my entire family can’t get enough of, which apparently goes with the number of books overflowing my upstairs.  Even as I complain about the sheer volume of…volumes in my bookshelf, I am reminded of how comforting and inspiring a book can be – not to mention a simple sentence.  Take this one for example: “Wine talks – ask anyone.”  This is the opening sentence to Joanne Harris’ beloved novel, Blackberry Wine – it is one of my all time favorites.  Another novel that has captivated my heart is Hugh Brody’s The Other Side of Eden, in which he states that his stay with the Inuit people allowed him to “experience the warmth and ease of people who have the deepest possible sense of being in the best of all possible places,” a quote that has stuck with me for many years.

I could name many more, but that is not the point – my point is that books represent a sense of pride I have in humanity.  There are many ways in which we consider ourselves artistic, thoughtful, ingenious, talented and so forth, but to me books occupy the clearest display of beauty that can be created by human hands and ideas. 

So today is for the writers, the novelists, the intense readers – dig a little deeper, imagine a bit greater, and read to your heart’s content.  To adventures, both real and fantastic!