Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont

Upon arrival in the fall at Green Mountain College, I will be entering the next phase of my life as an undergraduate senior in Communications.  Amazing how time flies.  As part of my major, I have the opportunity to complete an internship over the summer in order to accumulate field experience in a given profession.  Now, as I have absolutely no clue what I’m gong to do with my life, this was somewhat difficult.  However, I had always been interested in seeing

Manchester's Real Alternative Rock Station!

 how a radio station works from the inside out and knew that I would gain valuable experience if I found the right place to spend my summer – which I did.  You are now reading about the newest member of the interning crew at WEQX, Manchester‘s number one alternative rock station! Two days a week I spend my time updating websites, listening to the coolest music, and learning how a great radio station really works. 

This Tuesday in particular was very wet and unfortunately WEQX was off-air again  – I should explain.  Remember that huge storm last week that I was writing about?  Well, EQX got hit too and were off the air for a while and this Tuesday the rain was causing additional problems.  To my dismay, I have been deemed the unlucky intern on account of these coincidental events taking place around the time of my own arrival.  Hopefully, this will pass 🙂  Otherwise, it was an incredibly busy day and I am excited to be able to represent WEQX this Sunday at SPAC‘s Kings of Leon show, which I will be writing about later.

Song of the Day:    “Little Lion Man”  by Mumford & Sons    

Little Lion Man is beautiful and not only because of the lead vocalist and awesome banjo playing – the lyrics themselves leave other hits with something to be desired.  Whether it is a play on the Wizard of Oz’s Lion or perhaps simply a symbol for a man who has been relying on the hearts of others as of too much lately, this song is in my heart this week.  Too often our lives ask more of others than we are willing to ask from ourselves and when we do stretch out on a limb to see what we can achieve, we are subject to a contradicting future.  There is power and emotion in the music, thought and perception in the lyrics.  What better Tuesday tune to last throughout the week?