A wise man once said that the essence of what makes someone truly human is not physical, but is contained within all of us: “what it is to be human [is] to make yourself more than you are.”  Yes, it’s Jean-Luc Picard and call me a geek if you like, but they are words to live by – ones I intend to strive for throughout my life and, specifically, to keep track of during the coming summer.  As my blog title and following words suggest, we could all use a little perspective and perhaps naivety in our lives, as we should never grow up too fast nor remain static in our existence.  

Through this blog, I hope to come to terms with realizing a few important notions on a much more permanent basis:  to appreciate the little things that matter most, explore new opportunities and experiences, and to develop a greater understanding of the things worth living for in my life.

For each post, I hope not to bore anyone too much by recounting some of my day and what I learned from each experience I gained on a daily basis.  To me, it signifies my growth as a person while at the same time offering a new perspective.

That’s what this blog is all about – adding a little perspective.  My family and faith has taught me that every moment is special.  After all, the question of what it means to be human starts with a few simple steps in the right direction.  What better way to spend my summer?